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firing more than 100 rockets and israel launching dozens of air strikes. more now from jerusalem. today was one of the most violence days on both sides of the border, in addition to some 100 rockets fired from gaza, into israel, gaza fighters fired about 12 mortars into a sickle community. along the worder, one of mortars hit a house, another hit a local barn, the one landed and shrapnel pierced the chest of a local resident. all across this rejohn, so omany people are being traumatized by the fact that the rockets and the air strikes are coming in so constantly, the u.n. says some 300,000 gazan children need constant psychological help right now, and israel tens of thousands of parents and children, are living under the constant threat of rockets. today, we saw a group of americans come in to teal with the inevitable trauma that comes from those sirens and air strikes on the israeli side of the border, and their form of therapy is not what you would expect. >> just one mile away, the kindergarten is a bomb shelter. for every group that laughs for the camera, there's a five-year-old gir
are a saudi arabian or you live in israel or i can fill in the blanks. it is the anti cowboy and the world apology with the president beginning in the first six months, he went to apologize for american imperilism when american stands for a strategy. we don't conquer. sometimes it doesn't work out so well: vietnam. but we are not interested in conquering other people. and the president is apologizing for this american imperilism when the feminiirst thing they d is when are they comingome -- coming home. there is an entire chapter on obamacare in the book. obamacare is a big deal. a lot of people don't care about benghazi or other things. but this is anti market, regulatory state ascending and it is a man-made disaster. it wasn't meant to be -- i will come back to obamacare in a second. it is economics on steroids. all of the shovel ready jobs were not and adopting a living wage and whatever the local labor unit means. government decides what a worker is worth to his or her employers. and it is great for some marginal workers. getting a raise is a good thing. if you are worth ten dollars
. >> pam: in israel. hamas is warning international airlines. to stay away from ben gurion airport in tel aviv. this comes after israeli airstrikes today, honed in on high- ranking members of the hamas military wing--- known as the "qassam brigades." >> pam: three commanders were killed in those airstrikes. >> pam: next. >> pam: are nick cannon and mariah carey. on the outs? the latest breakup rumors. seehis?it sws tup rumors. presre pnts my red,ac feet. i h no ue ias ptingthisind . i ve ft fe. i fou thiout theree drchols fo mapng cter. iness an t mines, i gomy ft maand cust numr. i'a 44 i'a 21 34 that numbematcd th drchols cuom f orttic sertwithust e rit pporto hp reeve ressn myeet. i'a beever go to drhollcom r catis ansave10 i'a beever 'til labor day you doto reward yourself.t get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. not to labor the point, but this sale ends soon. ♪ mattress discounters >> pam: are entertainers mariah carey and nick cannon over and out? the insider's thea andrews talks about the >> reporter: here to tout the rumors were started. >> reporte
for anything less. i'll keep asking. what's in your wallet? lou: a military victory for israel after launching predawn airstrikes in gaza killing 3 senior hamas military commanders, the attack marks most significant blow to ham at' leadership. and threaten a target, near tel aviv, warned international airline to divert their flights. >> meanwhile, hamas leader today also claimed responsibility for the june kidnapping and murders of two israeli and an american israeli teenager, in the west bank. an event many they triggered the israeli hamas conflict this ensueed, before the islamic state terrorist brutally beheaded journal hist foley, they demandeed 132 million in r ransom from his family and employer, we have also learned that the executioner of foley is from england. john is one of a thousand european jihadists who are now fighting with the islamic state. >> we know for a fact, in syria, in iraq, more european are on the ground, we capture, we see, we see videos. and twitters, we know for a fact there are european who are jihadists, others said before this is a gee addist tourist -- jihadist
these three are very significant for israel. >> jane ferguson, al jazeera. gaza. >> the group continues to launch rockets into israel, the military says that hamas fired more than one hub rockets at israel today alone. nick chef reinvigorating has more now from jerusalem. >> prime minister trying to crees this moment as tangible proof of what the war has accomplished. he called this exceptional work from the israeli military and the domestic security service spied inside of gaza, and he said this attack prevented future attacks. and they pointed out, all day today, in the israeli media that these three men were particularly responsible for the kidnapping of corporal sha lead in 26, that led to the exchange of more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners so these men had been on the top of the most wanted list for a long time. now, hamas' response, continues not only what jane mentioned but those rockets, conducted, more than 100 rockets today, more than 300 in the last two days since this last cease fire, expired also, some 12 mortars that hit one of the small jewish communities right along th
're not going to invade turkey and won't invade israel. >> woodruff: so you see them as contained? >> i think they are. their tactics will earn them enemies and the tacit alliances they formed in iraq won't last. >> even if they don't gain additional terrorist, they control a large swath of territory in iraq and syria so there is an extremist islamic state in the middle of the middle east and that destabilizes iraq and syria and spillover effects in jordan, in lebanon, so even if we contain it, it's still a huge problem. >> we verl have gotten a lot of people's attention. shadi hamid, steven simon, thank you both. >> good to be here. >> woodruff: the u.s. justice department today announced it had settled its investigation into bank of america with a record-breaking financial penalty. hari sreenivasan has the story. >> sreenivasan: under the terms of the deal, bank of america will pay a total of nearly $17- billion for its role in writing and securitizing risky home loans in the run-up to the housing crisis. many of those loans eventually failed. almost $10 billion of that figure will go to th
palestinians, most of them civilians and hundreds of them children, have been killed as israel began its offensive six weeks ago. 64 israeli soldiers and three simians in israel have died. protests against the israeli assault on gaza continue across the country in the world. in new york city wednesday, a massive palestinian flag was unfurled from the manhattan bridge which connects brooklyn and lower manhattan. protesters marched parallel to it along the brooklyn bridge. we will have more on gaza later in the broadcast. in liberia, residents of a neighborhood in the capital monrovia clashed with police and soldiers wednesday after all entrances to the area were sealed off the midst fears of ebola. to tens ofis home thousands of people. residents there threw rocks and stormed barricades after awakening to realize they were trapped inside. police fired live rounds and teargas. over the weekend, residents and west point stormed a school where ebola patients were being reportedly without medical treatment. 17 patients escaped, but were later found and brought to a medical center. without of
>> fighting between israel and hamas rages on. a predawn airstrike has killed three members of the armed wing. have and five members vowed to make israel pay. the strikes left a wife and baby dead. commanders have been targeted in the past few days. >> the reason israel targeted them was because it was able to. it had information about where the family would be monday night and had information about where these three commanders were beating. last night, when israel's prime ministers spoke, since then, he has praised the intelligence services and thanked them for their tireless work. and today we have reports of the palestinian media that hamas has been so rattled by this they have arrested 10 people and summarily executed three of them. for involvement, it says, and passing information to israel. it may not have actually come from those people. israel took some prisoners of war during the ground offensive. the information could have come from them or other sources, but that gives a feeling of how sensitive and tense it is inside of gaza. >> where does this leave us in the co
to safety. >> israel continues its push to take out top hamas leaders air strike today killed the three most senior members of hamas. israel' prime minister says it's defensive will continue until hamas stops firing rockets and militants have responded with new threat against foreign airlines flying into israel. now a warning all of them to stay away from israel as of today. the threat comes as piece talks in egypt remain stalled after hamas broke a cease fire then israel withdrew its delegation. the obama administration and the un say they're doing whatever they can tonight to get both sides talking again. >> and all eyes are on ice land tonight where another volcano could erupt. tourists have had to leave the area north of the country's largest glacier. size mick activity has been picking up over the past few days. the fear is a repeat of what happened when the volcano erupted in 2012. the ash cloud forced airlines to cancel 100,000 flights and big eruption could impact folks around here. >> penn state plays it's opener in ire land. if the volcano erupts it coproduce val can neck ash causi
. at least three other people were killed in addition to the commanders. israel says they played key roles in expanding the capability and those were linked to the capture of the israeli shoulder in 2006. >> we will continue to search and target a mosque leaders everywhere and anywhere. >> militants have launched hundreds of rockets and mortars since cease-fire talks collapsed on tuesday. one man was seriously wounded by mortar fire. many are leaving to seek refuge farther north. the palestinian death toll continues to rise. israeli airstrikes killed dozens more civilians across the territory on thursday. among them, at least four children. >> what did they do? what crime did they commit? they were small children safe in their homes. >> mediators are trying to reopen lines of dialogue but there is a little chance of quick and to the fighting. israel says they are ready for a lengthy campaign. they have given approval for the call up of 10,000 army reservists. >> a military appointed legislature has elected an army chief as the country's new prime minister. >> he was the only candidate, the
to the streets to attend the funeral. at least 29 people have died since israel renewed the air strikes, jane ferguson has the latest. there have been many funerals this summer, but quite this bill. >> on thursday, attended the burial. >> mohammed and al attar are the most senior figures to be killed so far in this conflict. >> their bodies were carried through the streets, in the site of the strip. crowds of mourners display add show of support for hamas. >> just a few streets away, rubble they were pulled from. >> we were sleeping there were nine missiles that hit the building. you can see the destruction hamas responded quickly. >> the assassination of the leaders won't break the will of our people, and won't weaken the resistence, and the occupation will pay ^t price. >> thursday was the second day in a row of hamas commanders being targeted. on wednesday, an assassination attempt on the group's overall commander failed but kid his wife and two children. he is not believed to have been in the house when it was bombed. >> but on thursday's attack, the bombs hit their target, as well as sev
of lebanon, israel and kuwait. if they achieve that vision, it would fundamentally off -- fundamentally alter the face of the middle east and create a security environment that would certainly threaten us in many ways. about -- it is a -- its is pumped ability is iraq's responsibility to take care of their own country, but are they already at war with isis? >> do i look like a guy who would answer that question? the declaration of war is a policy decision, not a military decision. estimate on how much these operations have cost so far? considering isis proposes a long-term threat, you need to reshape your 2015 budget to accommodate for that? >> maybe. to theng -- go back reference i mentioned that you've already asked congress in a separate counterterrorism fund for $5 million, half a billion of that for the moderate syrian opposition. shaping anstantly budget to assure resources match the mission and the resources and the mission match the threat. it is not a process for wade of the dynamics of a changing, shifting world, requiring resources as you plug them in to your strategy to assure you
. longer term it's about isl to know their long-term vision is lebanon, the current state of jordan, israel, iraq, syria and kuwait. if they were to achieve that vision, it would fundamentally altar the face of the middle east and create a security environment that would certainly threaten us. >> reporter: right now it's iraq's responsibility to take control of the drone country, but isn't the u.s. already at war with isis? >> are you looking at me? >> you're the general. >> the declaration of war is a policy decision, not a military decision. >> reporter: is there any estimate on how much the operations in iraq have cost so far? and considering isis is a long-term threat and you're organizing a long-term strategy, that you might need to reshape your 2016 budget to accommodate for that? >> maybe. well, depending, first of all, we'll go back to the reference that i mentioned, that we've already asked the congress in a separate fund, counter terrorism fund, $5 million of that is for the syria opposition, so you're constantly shaping a budget. and i assure the resources match the mission. and
in the west bank. it happened in june. it really because what ultimately led to the current war between israel and hamas. it's what helped tip it off. hamas issued in in a statement according to the associated press now. a senior hamas leader is claiming the goal of the kidnappings was to spark a new palestinian uprising. this all comes amid what could be a huge blow to hamas. the group says three of the senior leaders died in an israeli airstrike. israel says the three played a role in expanding hamas' military capabilities in recent year, including digging the tunnels, which led into israel. training fighters and smuggling weapons into gaza. a hamas spokesperson said, quote, israel will not succeed in breaking the will of our people or weaken the resistance. he continued saying israel will pay the price. rick leventhal with the news now life in gaza city. what more do we know about hamas and the three teenagers taken? >> reporter: well, hamas had kidnapings, but never admitted having anything to do until yesterday in a conference in turkey. the kidnappings were carried out by the al qassam b
at israel's ben gurian airport. and also coming up, the white house reveals it tried to rescue james foley before he was executed by islamic state. [ audio difficulties ] >> today is a miraculous day. i'm thrilled to be alive. targeted. on wednesday, it failed, but killed his wife and two children. he is not believed to be in the house when it was bombed but in nurse's attack in rafah, there were seven civilians in the house at the time. the israeli security forces made several attempts on the lives of these men because they were so senior in the command center of hamas. and now the government will be able to ask what has been achieved in the war, and it's significant for israel. aljazeera, rafah. >> there is a procedure to go through clothing, and in this procedure, they have to be taken to court. and they have to have justice, even if they were involved in an assassination. >> how significant of a blow is this to the group's leadership? >> well, certainly not insignificant, but we have been hearing from people within hamas, saying that they will fight. and continue to fight and continue
around the world. our friend israel is fighting for their very survival. russia is being expansionist in the ukraine. our, the tragedies we're seeing play out don't seem to have any effect on this president. melissa: also, if you listen to the details from jennifer's story she brought up, a frightening fact. ransom from foreign journalists is one of largest sources of revenue for terrorist groups, second only to state sponsorship. reported that isis is making a million dollars a day. 32 journalists have been killed so far in 2014. 65 went missing last year. this is a steady source of income. it used to be that you hired a fixer locally and went in as a journalist, you are somewhat protected. now, there are really more than ever with this group of isis, a money making target. lisa, is that right? and, you know, does this exacerbate that? >> isis is just such a new game. it is such a new face of terrorism. i don't know if our president understand that. it is old terrorism, meaning they're barbaric, they behead and kill and rape, do whatever it takes. but you have this new component wher
your active life. ensure. take life in. >>> israel delivering a delayed blow in gaza. leveling a a four-story house killing three senior hamas commanders. israel played key roles building tunnels. senior hamas leader is claiming for the first time the organization was behind the kidnapping and killing of three israeli teens in the west bank back in june. it helped spark the war going on in gaza. >>> bank of america reaching a deal to settle charges in the mortgage meltdown. they agreed to pay a cash penalty and provide some 10 billion more. >>> and airport security may be able to see every detail of your body as if you were naked using full-body scanners. but a study finds the equipment could not detect hidden contraband. so they can see all of us, but nothing beneficial. they can't see weapons when concealed with plumbers tape. tsa no longer using the models in the study. >>> the u.s. taking action after the beheading of american journalist james foley at the hands of isis. with the justice department opening up a so-called criminal investigation into the killing. attorney general eric
. okay? if i sit down with somebody in somebo somebody, a teenager inis in israel or a young adult and ask them what do you want? they want to be safe. they want to go to school. they want to be successful in their careers. there are today enough resources to create partnerships, you know, you could be living in calcutta and have a business or an employment in chicago right now. so we are not using the resources that we have to solve these conflicts, just trying to prove the other person wrong. it's all about the past. it's been going on for 2:00 years, you know. we are not going to learn years, you know. we are not going to learn. >> the worst thing you can do is try to solve a problem in the same way as in the level of consciousness in which the problem was created. >> you once boiled down the problems in the world today instincts that predatory males have to survive. i guess it's the reptilian brain you refer to. do you think the world will ever be able to move past that? >> i hope so. otherwise, we rink our extinction. there have been mass extinctions in the past, the last one
it the greatest threat. phil joining us live from london. thank you so much. >>> hamas said an israel airstrike killed three senior commanders in gaza today. and that's when a rocket hit the southern town of raza. several thousand were participating in it, and the strike killed about 30 military since wednesday. nick, how significant is this attack? >> well, it's a significant attack, they have been after these three men for quite a while. and it's the equivalent of killing a two star general, a one star as well as a colonel. the lowest of the three was mohammed barhun, and he smuggled weapons into gaza, and also, in charge of rafah, where so much of the violence has happened in the last month and a half in southern gaza, and he constructed tunnels and launched rockets, but the real target was mohammed, the most senior military official in southern gaza, and he led almost all of hamas' military. and with it 2006, he was responsible for more major attacks that killed nine soldiers and wounded 23. so they were on the hit list of israel, and proponents of these assassinations say that it reduces h
exchanging more rocket fire with israel as airlines are warned to stay out of the way. we are live on the ground. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters shopping online is as easy as it gets. and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. start shopping from a list of top-rated providers today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today. >>> fox news alert. a state department briefing about to get under way 15 minutes or so from now. we expect questions on the murder of american journalist james foley. we'll bring you updates as they come in. and meanwhile, new clues are emerging on the identity of the masked man. amy kellogg is in london with more on that. >> reporter: the biggest tip comes from a former hostage who recognized the killer in the gruesome video. the hostage told the guardian newspaper that the man went by the name of
rockets, for those deaths that have occurred in southern israel, and as a result, the defense minister issuing a statement saying these rocket attacks -- or rather these targeted assassinations will continue as long as they are rocket attacks saying the israeli military continues to pursue hamas leaders at anytime. this is really an effort to weaken the command and control apparatus if you will of the hamas military wing, but it's also in domestic or political strategy to appease the israeli public who has been putting a lot of pressure on prime minister benjamin netenyahu to stop those rocket attacks. >> well there are reports that the brigade has fired a rocket towards israel's international airport. now how has israel responded? >> well, to be clear that rocket did fall about 15 kilometers south of the tel-aviv airport. but there still has been a barrage of rockets into southern israel. all reports are for the most part the airport is still operating business as usual although with stepped up security. there were still roughly 60,000 that came throughout the day, but there were canc
, too important to israel, two ofortant to the interests the west in that part of the world to stop isis. in thatl not stop region of the world. they need to be eliminated. they need to be eliminated now. thank you all. [applause] and gentlemen, let's thank again the governor of texas, rick perry. [applause] to my colleague is going give a few directions about what we have right outside. john will be coming up on the stage here to the left. like the instructions are fairly simple. just don't let the camera crews run over you as they try to get to their bags. -- >> the instructions are fairly simple. don't let the camera crews run over you as they try to get to their bags. >> governor perry wrapping up here. you can watch his remarks again if you missed any of it. and the preceding panel took place just before governor perry on immigration. you can watch that anytime on our website. go to [indiscernible] at homeland look security. the coverage is set to start at 12:55 p.m. eastern. we will have that for you on c-span. will it go this morning, the pentagon is considering se
at the airport in tel aviv. how israel is responding, a live report from the israel/gaza border. plus, what new research is saying that destroys women's creativity in the workplace but gives men an advantage. ♪ ♪ factors like diet can negatively impact good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic that helps supplement good bacteria found in two parts of your digestive tract. i'm doubly impressed! phillips' digestive health. a daily probiotic. >> more "outnumbered" in just a mo, but first, to john scott with what's coming up on the second hour of "happening now." jon: just ahead, the american doctor treated for ebola in atlanta now recoverying and on his way home, leaving emery hospital today. the other patient already discharged on tuesday. we will hear about the ordeal. >>> israel says it killed three key hamas leaders today in an airstrike in gaza, we will go live to the middle east for more on that. >>> and a federal judge orders the justice department to give congress a list of documents from operation fast and furious, so why do
they? >> it's a very hard decision, i'm sure, for the president and for other countries as well. israel has dealt with hostage takers. >> and prisoners. >> they've traded prisoners. at the same time when you look at what isis was asking here, if the public reports are correct, they wanted $100 million for the release of these hostages. we can't be in the business of effectively funding and subsidizing isis. >> so if they asked 20 bucks, would they have done it? >> you said the magnitude was the issue. >> it's not just the magnitude but the fact is that the europeans and others, when they pay these ransoms are funding people who are taking others hostage and killing scores of innocent people. when you pay these ransoms you are basically buying death. you are buying other people's death. and that's what makes it, i think, unacceptable. having said that, chris if it was a member of my family i'd be in there saying pay the ransom, which is why we don't have members of the family making these tough calls. >> let's talk about the politics. i don't want to be crude about it but it is a politic
strike killed senior hamas leaders overnight. israel pounded at least 20 targets this morning, the most significant blow happened in a town of bafra. 67 israeli have been killed and 1600 palestinians. >>> police are using recognition software to identify the militant that executed james foley, they suggest that he is thid the london area, and thousn rdnhkerevlgeesig siingt a sedon->tasictwhlt a one rdnhkerevlgeesig siingt a sedon->tasictwhlt a one and anotherspnc el taacpt e s, y ne a urresierrtle!ie ?nneeinlvte.mud 00chevto difd sa llhe sngs a meeltirie. ttnmir,gntrx t ism aragng lsastea yi a teroua hndhrob iaf werhenen seee mre rc/ar orog 0 tiv noowsahcng biteeh ck ' beabak,y uc poget t a g0udt r-f s-a anveopt ntiny g t ou m lysee s r-f s-a hrsd tomntiny g yss,in rle sulmore than once a. breo may increase your risk of pneumonia, thrush, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking breo. ask your doctor about b-r-e-o for copd. first prescription free at >>> two times dancing champion julianne h
was talking to was catholic, i said, "when you go to rome, i'll go to israel." >> today, feingold is president of the israelite community in salzburg. he has held the post for decades. the word "community," he tells us is a misnomer. there are hardly any jews anymore in salzburg. >> the statistics say there are 72, but i must say statistics are like weather forecasts. sometimes they are right. sometimes they are wrong. that one is way off. my wife says there are 30 jews here. i say there are 20. >> there are not many still alive who experienced naziism firsthand. for that reason, feingold feels compelled to share with others what he went through. he's constantly going to schools, holding lectures, and telling people about his experience. it seems a miracle he survived. >> no prisoner between one meter 60 and one meter 80 weight more than 30 to 40 kilos -- wade -- weighed more than 30 to 40 kilos. you could tell who was going to die the next day. they were separated from the others and brought to be burned. >> does he still feel hatred? >> no, that's over. the past is the past. i only try to te
the events for a few days now. .efore that you were in israel obviously you must be close to isis forces at some time. incident, jim foley do you feel safe? are you taking extra precautions? >> not particularly. enclave. a very safe traveling down to the front line you get a little nervous but there are cap lines everywhere. unlike james foley operating in a very lawless part of cereal when he was captured. >> you mentioned the oil fields are not really producing. what are local people doing for gasoline. what is the real issue? parts of the iron he is the world's fifth-largest world exporter, they are having to get products to fill a car. it means you are taking three or four more times than a month ago. people say this is obviously quite disastrous for them. >> joining us outside of herb you'll. we really appreciate your update. interesting to look at the comes tohip when it oil. quite contentious. people do not want to know how much is being produced or perhaps exported out of the region. oilics dan once more revenue. iraq says it is all their oil and will go a lot, to their able to r
. israeli leaders saying their operation will not stop until hamas stops firing rockets into israel. >>> and here in new york, palestinian supporters unfurled this huge banner from the manhattan bridge. this is the second recent security breach on a bridge. you will remember the concern after some artists scaled the brooklyn bridge planting two white flags. >>> well, bank of america has agreed to pay a record penalty nearly $17 billion. the bank will also admit to misleading investors. the fine settles accusations of selling faulty mortgage bonds before the financial crisis. >>> well, hostess is closing the original twinkie factory in illinois where twinkies have been baked for 84 years. about 400 workers will be affected. twinkies will be made at three other plants. >>> and some good news about hall of fame quarterback jim kelly. he is cancer-free. the buffalo bills legend underwent radiation and chemotherapy in his fight against sinus cancer. his doctor says it is possible no further treatment will be needed. congratulations to him, indeed. >>> and an airline mechanic getting prai
this morning, an israeli air strike killed three senior hamas military leaders. israel launched 20 attacks on gaza overnight. hamas said the three men were responsible for a number of attacks on israeli targets. also this morning for the first time hamas official confirmed that the group kidnapped three israeli teenagers who were killed back in june. >>> and it is 7:19. ahead on "cbs this morning," mo'ne davis, the girl wowing fans at the its league world >>> a little less fog around the bay area. a lot more sunshine coming our way and these temperatures will be heating up outside. still gray over russian looking toward the golden gate this morning but promise of more sunshine into the afternoon. that should allow the temperatures to warm up especially away from the coastline. that low kicking out of the east. high pressure now building in for the next couple of days. temperatures this afternoon well into the 80s inland. 70s and 80s even inside the bay and 60s with patchy fog toward the coastline. a little warmer over the weekend. >>> this national weathe
, reducing hamas' ability to strike at targets both close to the gaza strip and deeper into israel. it was decided to move to this new strategy of targeted assassinations, aiming to kill, to remove some of the key leaders within the hamas leadership structure. to do that, obviously, the israelis depend on air surveillance, the kind of satellite imagery and the imagery gathered by drones that fly over the gaza strip, but also require human intelligence, information from innormants on the ground and it's significant that the israeli prime minister praise not only the military for these operations, but also the intelligence service. it's significant that hamas announced it has captured and executed a number of collaborates, clearly confirming there was human intelligence from the ground and obviously a clear warning from hamas to other palestinians not to give information to the israelis. >> the hamas military wing confirming that it did fire rockets towards tel-aviv airport. do we know where it landed, what happened there and what impact is that having on israel? >> it wasn't landing
for going on vacation to president bush was unfair. but he made a statement about the attack on israel while on vacation in new england and this caused him to examine his behavior in a time of year and it caused him to give up golf for the balance of his presidency. he couldn't square the difference between the visual gap having to make statements like president obama had to make and being on the golf course. somebody made a mistake. they should have said the president is going go out and make a comment on this. why don't we get the tee time tomorrow or 40er 5 hours. bill: why don't you think that he thinks that way? >> this white house has been making a lot of gaffes. go to washington just so you can say he's off on vacation. we have seen a series of these when there is a gap between what the president has been doing and people's reaction to it. i just think they off their game. it's august. maybe the white house staff needed a break. maybe the communications mavens have lost their mojo. but something the last couple months has been going on. >> i have just about reached the point where i c
and the military leader is wanting international airlines against flying into israel. >> demonstrators hung a large pro palestinian flag from manhattan bridge spanning the east river while the anti protest was on the brooklyn break after two large plagues appeared in place of american flags above the brooklyn bridge. toss -- t.s.a. fores will highlight thousands of you its love behind at check points. each week, ipads and jewelry and colleaguing and cell phones and computers are last behind. if you have lost an item at screening or baggage check points call the lost and found before filing a chairman. we have posted the information at sfo, oakland and mineta san jose airport at >>> you saw "jaws," and russias are the top predator in the ocean, right? now always. a four foot shark was swallowed in one gulp by a grouper which usually have a thick strong body with a large mouth capable of swallowing fly. the shark was on the line of a fisherman. >> grouper was taking advantage. >> he was. true. >> good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd shows all is quiet with cloud cover along the imm
against flying into israel starting today. >>> demonstrators hung a large pro palestinian flag from manhattan bridge spanning the east river had new york city while an antiisraeli protest took place on the brook brooklyn bridge. there were two large white flags on poles in place of american flags above the brooklyn bridge last month. >> officials at sfo will show thousands of tufts left behind including cell phones and ipads and cell phones are unclaimed. if you have lost an item at screening or back am check call lost and found at sfo before filing a claim. we have posted the information you need to know for sfo, oakland and san jose airplanes -- airports. >>> sharks are early the largest predator in the case but not always. >> that was a giant grouper eating a 4' shark in one bite off the coast of florida. the shark was on the line and the bigger filibuster decide it was bait. usually grouper have a large mouth capable of swallowing their prey. >> we all think sharks are the top of the food chain. >> er ring, i -- eric, i didn't know you were signing committees this or. >> i sign
hamas military commanders were stake the night. it was hit by israel airstrikes, roundabout 1:00 a.m. local time. it was completely destroyed as you can see. this neighborhood is a recommended neighborhood. these were three very senior hamas military commanders. al atar was believe to be link said to the kidnapping of an israel soldier kidnapped eight years ago, held for years before he was eventually released in a prisoner swap for over 1,000 palestinian prisoners released at the time. also, another is believed to be a senior commander of hamas. in 2012, the number two hamas was killed by the israelis. it's believed that he was tipped to replace him. this is very significant for the israelis. they've been coming under pressure back home to have something to show for this war, six weeks of airstrikes, some incident resulted by the ceasefire, but over 2,000 civilian deaths here. they've been under pressure to show their own population back home and now that's exactly how they're going to show these three deaths. >> jane, thank you very much. >> hamas responded today by firing rocket
gaza strip. israel blamed commanders for many attacks and smuggling weapons through tunnels. four more palestinians have been killed in renewed air strike. three of the dead are children. let's take you to gaza. kevin conley is in jerusalem for us. yolande, reaction to deaths of three senior commanders. . >> there's been a huge turnout at the funeral for these three commanders south of the gaza strip. these are three men who were well known names here in gaza and really have been celebrated by the brigades for their achievements. israel says they were involved in building tunnels used for r cross border attackattacks, no e weapons and also the plan to capture the israeli soldier here held for five years. >> i have to ask reaction kevin. is it a feeling coming from israel? >> i certainly think of this as the kind of operation that israel has been trying to carry out probably since this conflict started. the israeli armed forces are as they like to see them. it demonstrates they have accurate, real time intelligence coming from gaza and have the capacity to act on it. so when israeli pri
and a resumption of rocket fire by hamas militants into israel. israel says it won't call off its gaza operation until all rocket fire out of palestinian territory has stopped. >>> back here at home, a relatively calmer scene overnight in ferguson, missouri. >> yeah, protesters took to the streets again, but last night's demonstrations were markedly smaller and more orderly as the police shooting case that sparked it all is now off to a grand jury. abc's tahman bradley is in ferguson this morning live with us for the latest. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: devin and michelle, good morning. we had rain and thunderstorms here early last night, and that might have helped cooler heads prevail. it was much more peaceful here overnight. police tell us they only made six arrests. it was a quieter night here in ferguson. >> all: we want justice. >> tonight was a very good night in ferguson. >> reporter: peaceful demonstrators filling the streets while behind closed doors, the wheels of justice are starting to spin. a grand jury is now reviewing evidence in the shooting death of michael brown. >> they
military had no comment on what be the deaths of the most senior hamas men since israel launched its offensive in gaza six weeks ago. >>> protests in liberia turned violent in the wake of the ebola outbreak. police in the capital of monrovia yesterday fired live rounds and tear gas at demonstrators. the crowd was trying to break an ebola quarantine on their neighborhood. the death toll from the disease has hit more than 1300 in west africa. >>> coming up on the morning news, ups hit by a cyber attack, and customers of stores in two dozen states are being warned about the data breach. this is the "cbs morning news." a line of nutrient-rich skincare with pure, naturally derived ingredients, carefully chosen and clinically proven to cleanse, purify and moisturize... and you'll never find any harsh chemical sulfates, parabens or unnecessary additives. healthy skin-starts from within. neutrogena naturals. learn more at ♪ help keep teeth clean and breath fresh. with beneful healthy smile snacks. with soft meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture,it's dental that t
-story building targeted by israel. >> mark:demonstrators returned to the streets in ferguson, missouri to protest the shooting death of michael brown. but it was a quieter night. >> mark:there was a brief standoff between some demonstrators and officers. but the missouri highway patrol said overall it was a very good night. >> mark:protestors marched around the st. louis suburb. police in regular uniforms instead of riot gear. >> mark:six people were arrested. that's compared to nearly 50 the night before. >> mark:and hundreds of people marched in oakland yesterday in solidarity with protesters in ferguson. >> mark:some streets were blocked and freeway off ramps were closed. >> mark:police officers were lining the protest route through downtown oakland. everything has since been reopened. >> mark:and not all of the demonstrations in ferguson are speaking out against officer wilson. >> mark:there's a group of people who support the officer that shot and killed michael brown. though only a few actually took to the streets. >> mark:most of wilson's support can be found on facebook. >> mark:and there
military leaders. israel launched 20 attacks on gaza overnight. hamas says the three men were responsible for a number of attacks on israeli targets. also this morning, for the first time hamas officials confirm that the group kidnapped three israeli teenagers who were killed back in june. >>> u.p.s. store customers may be the latest victims of a credit card security breach. a computer virus was found on cash registers at 51 u.p.s. stores in 24 states. the shipping giant says information leaked to computer hackers since january could include names credit and debit card numbers and postal addresses. >>> weather report spon drsored by jcpenney. when it fits, you feel it. >>> confusion this morning about fish. >> the government wants you to eat more but "consumer reports" finds a popular choice could put some people at risk. >>> the news is back here in the morning on "cbs news this morning." stay tuned for your local news. save big on your back to school list. use your target debit or credit redcard for an extra 5% off our every day low prices. ♪ finds a popular choice co
strikes in gaza since the cease-fire was broken on tuesday. and palestinians launched rockets at israel. egyptian negotiators said they'll continue to try and broker a long-term cease-fire even though both the delegations have left cairo. >>> bank of america has reached a record $17 billion settlement with federal and state authorities. the settlement revolves the investigation into bank of america's role in the sale of mortgage-backed securities before the 2008 financial crisis. it is the largest settlement arising from the economic meltdown which saw millions of americans lose their homes to foreclosure. officials say the bank will pay $10 billion in cash and provide consumer relief. >>> a million dollars worth of marijuana goes sky high after a huge drug bust near houston. the pot was growing in some fields near a prison. sheriff's deputies cut the plants, and a chopper was then called in to carry them out bundle by bundle. police almost had the suspected growers, but the two men ran off into the woods. >>> and most adorable video of the day, here's a whale of a tale a couple of kids
not achieving israel's objectives. they had not degraded hamas's ability to strike israeli targets, close and far from the gaza strip. and in political and diplomatic terms it had a bad effect on israel's image abroad. there has been broad international diplomatic condemnation of images of dead children, allegations of war crimes targetting hospitals and u.n. facilities, and distancing israel from some of its long-standing allies like the united states. in terms of domestic politics, it was not working. the israeli public demanded results, they were hit by hamas rockets, now by killing commanders, it gives the israeli government a trophy to brag about. they can say "look, what we have down", and a statement from binyamin netanyahu seemed to be packing itself on the back. there's one caveat. commentators in israel. they are questioning the value of this new strategy. as we have seen in the past, when one commander is killed, another commander rises up to take his place. >> what about the hamas counterstrategy of aiming its rocket fire at the airport, the main international airport in tel a
. they were on israel's most wanted list. israel has said they were involved in building the tunnels used for cross border attacks, also smuggling weapons into gaza. they were involved in executing the plan to capture the israeli soldier who was of course held here in gaza for five years before he was released in a big prisoner exchange deal. israel will see that it's dealt a psychological blow and operational blow to hamas by killing these three men. of course brigades have been putting out defiant statements. there was an assassination attempt on its top leader just one day ago. an israeli air strike in gaza city killed his wife and infant son. already it has been promising revenge for that even telling foreign airlines not to fly into tel aviv airport. >> the israeli defense forces say an israeli civilian has been injured in morter fire. rockets still continue into israel? >> we have seen rockets fired to israel in the last few hours and morter attacks. at this stage, certainly not the scale we've seen in the past few days. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been prepari
of violence in gaza. an overnight air strike killing hamas leaders, and a new threat aimed at israel's main international airport. we're going to talk about that ahead. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. >>> welcome back. the gaza conflict really erupting again overnight. hamas says three of its senior military leaders were killed in an israeli air strike on a house in southern gaza. this comes as hamas issues a warning telling international airlines not to fly into or out of israel's ben gurion airport. cnn's john vause is following developments live in tel aviv. how serious are they taking this threat? >> well, i guess they take all the threats that come from hamas fairly seriously by the israeli military says seven hours since the hamas warning did in effect
researching iran syria russia turkey israel, lot of different other countries, u.k. and canada and really trying to understand their views on privacy. what's interesting is they do draw the line there's a little different than how we think about it. so for example in the u.k. they see privacy is a right as it relates to businesses collecting your data. but they have no problem snapping your picture everywhere you go in the u.k.. they are some of the most photographed citizens in the world so it's interesting to see that. if you are getting ready to live or your children are getting way are getting ready to look another country or do business in another country you'll definitely want to go to the book and look for some of the different differences between america from our point of view and those countries and their point of view on privacy. >> we thought it made it richer to explore what the whole world is doing and this and that in contrast and compare it to what we have. >> is a possible globally to wipe out all your social media or anything that has been on mine? >> is a possible? proba
and now israel has struck a deadly blow against hamas. find out who was killed. >>> and seeing lots of green. and we're not talking about the jerseys, either. you'll find out how the eagles rank among the nfl's most valuable franchises. i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup, 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee. >>> 6:43 right now. we have new information on breaking news we've been following for you about the ebola outbreak. two americans who contracted the deadly virus are being released from a hospital in atlanta. we just found out one will be released today. emory university hospital holds a news conference at 11:00 to talk about the lease of nancy writebol and dr. kent brantly. he is the one we know is going home today. both infected with ebola while working with the aid organization samantha's purse. they were thrown to the hospital after receiving an experimental treatme
of smuggling weapons and overseeing fighters. israel says the air strike was in response to hamas breaking the cease-fire. egypt's foreign ministry says he will continue talking with both sides to try and secure a lasting trues. >>> all right, if you have used ups, any time lately, you're going to want to listen to this. now think back, have you been to ups? the company said it suffered a security breach, and your personal information may be exposed. here's the story. stores in 51 states, including two local stores in new jersey, were attacked, by a computer virus, so customers may have had their credit cards and debit card information exposed. including names, card numbers, e-mail addresses, oh, my goodness, social security numbers possibly, so far the company is unaware of any fraud that's taken place as a result of the attacks. better go on line, check your account. >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter and other city officials could be called to testify about the deadly center city building collapse. griffin campbell and equipment operator sean benchop facing third degree murder charges
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